Client Reviews


5-star My fiance and i hired Sam after a car accident. We were able to fully trust him and he handled everything. All we had to do was show up for appointments with doctors. At the time of the accident I did not have any health insurance. Sam made it possible to get the proper care without any out of pocket expenses. He kept us very informed about the process and informed us of all communications from the insurance companies. By the end of the case we were able to get far more than we would have without him.


5-star Mr. Barfield and his staff were completely responsive and very assistive.

Brian G.

5-star “Everyone was very helpful. This was the first time either of us had ever been through anything like this and everyone helped us with all of our questions and Sam was able to make us feel comfortable and at ease through the entire process. The communication was excellent throughout the entire case”

Chelsea T

5-star Sam was very good at communicating with us and explaining how the process worked. He made us feel like we were in good hands and we were confident he had our best interests at heart. The communication and professionalism is something that everyone needs when they go through a stressful time like this.

Steve R.

5-star Mr. Barfield’s professionalism and expertise exceeded all of my expectations.

Dave. R.

5-star Mr. Barfield is extremely professional. His appearance, office, attitude and overall presentation made me feel comfortable, yet professional. Mr. Barfield was always available to answer any questions I had along the way.

Nick L.

5-star Sam took a personal interest in me, I appreciated that. I would highly recommend Sam. He cares and goes a step beyond what you expect.

Sharianne K.

5-star I am pleased with the level of friendliness and attentiveness. I received detailed answers to all of my questions.

Paola G.